Recommended WebSites/Products


REALOEM.COM is my first stop for all my projects on my BMW. This website allows users to quickly find the exact part number for practically all of the systems on the car.

injector planet

When upgrading my injectors for my e30 BMW 325i, I happened upon Injector Planet that sells reconditioned injectors. I installed these on my car and couldn’t be more pleased with them. The reconditioned set cost me $15 each and the craftsmanship was high caliber. This site saved me a bunch of money and carries a ton of injectors. They inspect and repair each injector and the best part is they bench test each one. This enables you to know your injectors are performing exactly how they were intended. If you don’t want to spend the money on brand new overpriced injectors and don’t want to purchase used injectors at the junkyard, this is the site for you.

Automotive Websites

If you have any European car ranging from BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Saab, Volvo, and Mini, Pelican Parts is your one-stop-shop for parts. I have personally owned 3 European cars and this is one of the best places to buy parts in Southern California. I think I’ve put the owner’s kids through college with all of the car parts I’ve bought there. This website isn’t fancy, it just offers a wide variety of car parts for new and old European cars. I learned my lesson the hard way when I bought a windshield sprayer motor for my E36 M3 from the dealership for $50 then saw it on Pelican Pat’s website for $14. Also, if you live in Southern California, they have pickup so you can save on shipping. Needless to say, this is the first place I shop in Southern California when I am shopping for European car parts.

Sunbeam Specialties is the best website for any of your Sunbeam Alpine or Tiger needs. They have just about any part you can possibly want. The store also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing which part to buy and how the car goes together.

Recomended tools

When replacing vacuum lines and coolant lines, mechanics often encounter these single-ear style clamps. Most people cut these off and replace them with screw hose clamps which are often bulkier and are hard to reach. I recommend this set from Amazon because it comes with 115 stainless steel clamps and a tool. I personally have used this set and would recommend this to anyone. The clamps and tool are great value for a cost of around $30. This is a must-have for any at-home mechanic who is replacing any hose lines.